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       A few years back I was at a low point I was working in great paying banking job but I was dealing with a lot of depression & anxiety. I had everything I wanted a house a beautiful wife 3 amazing kids. but I was still miserable 

      I felt like there is away I can escape this there is more to life than the life I was living waking up everyday showing everything on the outside was fine but struggling on the inside. I knew it wasn’t were I was meant to be In life I was supposed to be doing something different.

      With a leap of faith hard work and research I launched about 3 years ago and from there everything is history. We have shipped globally to over 25 countries so thankful for everyone our message and mission connects with. 

      I created this brand as a reminder to my self that We live for a cause greater than ourselves that God is always in control and we live for his Glory my hope is that it lead to millions of conversations about him.